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Why Get Certified?

• Transform your skills into an industry-recognized credential

• Whether you develop FileMaker solutions for your company or run your own FileMaker business

• You also earn the only credential sponsored by FileMaker, Inc

“As a developer, certification gives me reason to explore every facet of the platform to the degree that I feel is required of a true FileMaker professional.”

Cristoffer Ippolite – iSolutions, Inc.


•  Boost your career potential and be recognized industry-wide as a FileMaker Certified Developer. (Distinguished merit…

•  Demonstrate your technical leadership with FileMaker products.  (Use it as your own “Check to see where your skillset lies and where to improve”

•  Gain the expertise to develop larger and more complex projects

using the complete line of FileMaker 14 products. (Force yourself to get exposed to topics you previously never had experience with)

•  Increase your organization’s credibility with customers, clients

and peers (instantly increase the value of your services in the eyes of peers and customers)

FileMaker 17 Exam Overview

 Steps to Prepare:

•  Watch “Preparing for Certification” Session at DEVCON

•  Buy the FileMaker Training Materials

PDF format – $19.99
(electronic download)

Available on iBooks – $19.99

Preparation- Supplemental Materials you NEED to review:

Taking the Exam:

Go to the web site,

•  Pay for your test $150 each exam  You pay when you schedule, not when you take the test. Fee charged each time you take a test.

•  Pick a location (5,000 locations)

•  Schedule your test

The exam covers these areas:

•  Knowing the Product Technical Specifications

•  Defining Database Schema  Relationships, Defining Fields

•  Building Layouts  Layout Objects (tabs controls, charts, )

•  Working with Calculations (functions, order of operation)

•  Writing Scripts (script steps, script results,

•  Securing FileMaker Systems  (accounts/Privs, SSL, Ports)

•  Deploying Database Solutions via Server, using Best Practices  Configuration, Hardware, monitoring)

•  Data Integration and Data Movement  (Import, export, Connectivity)

•  Publishing FileMaker data on the Web (IWP, Ports, URL syntax)

•  Using Development Tools and Processes (DDR, Script Debugger, Data Viewer)

The products and technologies covered are the FileMaker product line’s data integration technologies: XML/xDBC, networking technologies, web basics and architecture.

If you haven’t taken the exam before:

•  All questions are completed on a computer testing station.

•  The exam is 62 multiple-choice questions. You are allowed 2 hours to take the exam.

•  Multiple choice questions will require 1 or many choices for an answer. Be CAREFUL to check to make sure you provided the correct number of answers

•  Some questions have “exhibit” images to review. Look for the EXHIBIT button on screen)

Exam FAQs :

•  FileMaker has a 14-day re-testing policy. This means that if you take an exam, fail it, and need to retake the “same” exam again, you will be required to wait 14 days before taking the exam again. Don’t worry if you do not pass the first time: Do you know what they call the guy who graduates last for medical school?….. a doctor

•  There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test; however, each testing session will incur the standard testing fee

•  Upon completion of the exam, you will be given a pass or fail score and a performance summary. You can take a printout of the performance summary with you. It indicates % of questions answered correctly, not the exact questions.

•  No papers, phones, calculators allowed in the testing area. Most locations provide  you with a wet erase board for notes

Additional FAQs here

Tips for How To Take the Exam:

•  Mark questions you may want to review later and answer the ones you know for sure first This can build confidence and allow you to find questions that are similar in format and can be answered together

•  Think about what FileMaker “wants you to know” on each question before you answer Think about issues FileMaker may have had with usage and you can generally “see” the answer they may be going for.

•  Questions are not testing your ability to come up with multiple approaches to one problem It is not a test of how creative you can be with different methods to achieve the same end goal.

•  Review your answers before you finish You can mark questions for review later, the test has a final screen where you can see and revisit marked questions. Also take the time to make sure you answered each question with the appropriate number of answers.