1-on-1 Mentoring

Don’t have time to make it to a FileMaker class?
Don’t need hours and hours of training resources?
Need to just get “unstuck” with an issue you are having with your database?

Then try scheduling a mentoring session with one of our staff of FileMaker experts.

One hour minimums @ $175/hr (credit cards accepted)

It is so easy!

  1. Contact us by emailing cris@isolutions-inc.com
  2. Pick a date and time for your session
  3. Log on through a simple link on your computer
  4. Get all the help you need!

We will review and modify your files during the meeting and can discuss “next steps” for your solution and introduce new FileMaker features that your solution may benefit from.

Great for getting your existing solution to the “Next Level” or getting started on a brand new project.

Schedule as many sessions as you wish or just hand the project off to us to finish. Whatever you need, iSolutions can help.

All mentoring sessions offered via Go To Meeting:

Let’s get started!