DEVCON 2015 “Training Day” to Feature Cris Ippolite

Posted on May 3, 2015


New at DEVCON 2015! FileMaker Training Series Day

Calendar Session Description

This training session will provide attendees with an overview to the most important concepts required by developers using the FileMaker Platform. The session includes high-level discussions on creating back end architecture, user interfaces and automation needed to create impactful FileMaker solutions. Use this session as a launching pad for ongoing FileMaker training or to start a new project with the FileMaker Platform.

The Training Day: Intermediate will feature award-winning trainer Cris Ippolite from iSolutions and

What you should know

What you should know
Attendee should have an understanding of the level of content covered in the “Basics” materials. – Modes – Views – Adding, Editing and Deleting Records – Finding and Sorting Records – Creating Tables and Fields – Creating Simple Layouts – Printing

Products & Technologies

  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Pro

What You Will Learn

  • Data Modeling (1.5 hrs)
  • Layouts (2.5 hrs)
  • Calculations (2 hrs)
  • Scripts (1.5 hrs)

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